Where We Began



In 2008 a small group of young men who would normally gather for recreation purposes, having a few drinks and listening to music, felt that we should be dj's rather than listening to other dj's. A few dj equipment was bought, speakers and amplifiers were borrowed and we took the garage of a friend's house, where we set up for the first time.


After some time at this we decided to take it further and began broadcasting on the Internet via an Internet radio station called "2dUniverse Radio" which was operated by "Dj Freddy" based in the USA. Finding this interesting and entertaining we decided to do our own broadcasting and so on May 1st. 2011, SlamCity I.R.E (Internet Radio Entertainment) was born. The managers (Arnold Lindow, Keshon Morton and Kurt Charles) who also were the djs for this station would dedicate their time from 6.00 p.m. to 12.00 a.m. Monday to Friday and from 4.00 p.m. to 12.00 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays promoting this radio station and entertaining its listener-ship. SlamCity I.R.E continued to progress and as a result the "Showtime Sound Machine" (Keron Mc Millan) was brewed into the mix.


Unfortunately in March 2012 we had to terminate broadcasting as a result of circumstances beyond our control. This decision did not sit too well with our audience but we had no other choice. It must be noted that this initiative was voluntary and no form of income was generated through this initiative.


In January 2014, the desire for broadcasting stung me again, I contacted the team and said "Hey, am ready to do this thing again!" Everyone was like "what thing?" "The radio station....duhhhh..." I replied. I got the interest of all, along with one new member (Marlon Gottsleben) who has the same interest for Internet Broadcasting.


The SlamCity I.R.E server was brought to life for a second time. The guys felt the need for a name change since we had a National Radio Station with the Hash Tag "SLAM" and had a programme called "Slamcity" on their programming. The brainstorming immediately began. Names were mentioned to each other but none could seem to compare and sound as sweet as SlamCity I.R.E. This was a name we grew to love and finding a name to sound as sweet or even better was always going to be a challenge. I did not want to change it but..... we are a team.


One afternoon while sitting in my office brainstorming for names the word smash came to mind. I did not even pay it much attention. I continued writing down possible names but none seemed exciting enough to to replace Slamcity. The word Smash came to mind again and I was like thinking aloud "smash boy.... hmmmm. smashing all your favorite hits all around the world right here on the smash, All Internet Radio." I took to my computer and immediately did the sketch of a Smash logo and sent it for the other guys. They were even more excited about the name than I was. So at that point Smash A.I.R replaced SlamCity I.R.E. The logo was constructed and Server Broadcast Info was updated.


The Way Forward


SMASH A.I.R is here to stay. We are aware that this is a challenging initiative in terms of building listener-ship and promotion but we will do our best to ensure a stable, entertaining and informative platform for our audience.


Your help will be greatly appreciated. What do we need you to do? We need you to forward the link to this website to your friends and family and encourage them to do the same. Contact us and tell us what you want to hear, advertise with us and be friends with the world.


Thank you.


Arnold Lindow

April 27th, 2014